Life 101

The Spa Speaker

Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to “wow” your audience – and energize and inspire your guests?

You’ve come to the right place!

Syndicated columnist, keynote speaker and certified wellness instructor Linda Arnold brings her motivating programs to spas and cruise ships all over the world.

“Life Life Fully” is the title of her 10-year syndicated column, and she shows spa guests and cruise ship passengers how to do just that!

Here’s a sampling of Linda’s topics that can be tailored to both short form programs and longer keynote presentations:

  • Are You Allowing Others to Push Your Buttons?
  • The Quickest Way to Change a Bad Habit
  • Is There Something Missing in Your Life?
  • Could You Be Addicted to Stress?
  • Ten Questions to Ask Yourself When Facing Life’s Choices
  • Can You Catch a Bad Mood?
  • Are You Living Life Fully – Or Just Going Through the Motions?
  • Why Do Men and Women Communicate So Differently?
  • How to Stop Any Argument in its Tracks
  • Do You Suffer From Intention Deficit Disorder?
  • How Do You Respond in Crisis Situations?
  • Are You Living Your Life on Purpose?
  • Defining Moments Tell Us Who We Are
  • Are You Playing Too Small in Your Life?

Linda is passionate about the areas of health, wellness, mind, body and spirit.  As she often says, “My purpose in life is to share my enthusiasm and passion for living to empower others.”

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