John D. Rockefeller IV Congratulatory Message

My career in public service has included a stint as Communications Director and Press Secretary to former United States Senator John D. “Jay” Rockefeller during his tenure as Governor.


I was fortunate to serve in this capacity for five years before starting my own business.  The opportunity to help communicate public policy positions, coordinate actions with the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government and work with the press on a regional basis was amazing.  It grounded me firmly in the inner workings of government – and formed the foundation for the balance of my career.

I will never forget those experiences that have been seared into my soul.  They created an ongoing curiosity and fascination that lives on today.  And, even though the process was discouraging at times, Senator Rockefeller’s passion to achieve the end results of his convictions made it all worthwhile.

That’s why I was deeply humbled when he recorded this video as a tribute to my career in the field of public relations.