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Welcome to Life 101. We’re all enrolled in this course, and we get life lessons every day!

I welcome the opportunity to offer tools, tips and nuggets as you navigate this journey. And to offer inspiration for living life fully – rather than just going through the motions.

Relationships. Jobs. Health. Family. Friends. Money. Things we all go through. And we all learn from each other.

Here’s to excelling at this course, not just passing it.

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“Don’t look back — You’re not going that way!”

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Your Thoughts Control Your Feelings

Behavioral ChangeYour Thoughts Control Your FeelingsLet’s face it. We’re being deprived of a lot of things in our lives right now. Going where we want to go – and doing what we want to do.Although there’s a good rationale for this, it’s just human...

When Only One Thing Matters

Pop quiz:  What’s the great equalizer in life?  The one thing that puts all of us on a level playing field? I’ll give you a hint.  It doesn’t make a fashion statement.  That’s because it’s that blue checkered hospital gown. In an instant, a Fortune...

Are You a People Pleaser?

Do you worry too much about what other people think? Before you make a decision, do you run multiple scenarios through your head – to gauge how others will react?   Does your happiness depend on others liking and approving of you? Ding, ding,...

When Our World Slows Down

Remember the song, “Shout?” Many of us have danced to this and will recall the part that goes, “A little bit softer now.  A little bit softer now.” That’s the way our world feels.  The volume has been turned way down.  Every event is being...

How’s Your New Normal Working Out?

Our worlds have been rocked. We’ve all had to do a lot of adjusting in the past week or so.  Swift changes are taking place in our lifestyles.  I’m sure you’re getting daily (or hourly) updates on the physiological effects of the COVID-19 virus. ...

Here are my two latest books!

Teach People How To Treat You

Improving Relationships and Communication

If you find yourself in stressful relationships, this book provides healthy ways to bring your life into balance.  Learn how to deal with power struggles, emotional hunger and tough love.  Set healthy boundaries – once and for all!

“Live Life Fully – Each and Every Day”

Push Your Own Buttons

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you’re tired of other people pushing your buttons, this book holds some keys.  Learn how to deal with approval addiction, mood swings, the sense of being overwhelmed and that nagging feeling that something’s missing in your life.  Stop walking on eggshells!

Linda Arnold, M.A., M.B.A.

Linda is an author, speaker and syndicated columnist. Additionally, she's a psychological counselor, certified wellness instructor and the Founder and former CEO of a multi-state marketing company.

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