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Welcome to Life 101. We’re all enrolled in this course, and we get life lessons every day!

I welcome the opportunity to offer tools, tips and nuggets as you navigate this journey. And to offer inspiration for living life fully – rather than just going through the motions.

Relationships. Jobs. Health. Family. Friends. Money. Things we all go through. And we all learn from each other.

Here’s to excelling at this course, not just passing it.

I’m excited to kick off 2019 with you as we welcome the possibilities of a brand new year!

Quote of the Week

The first half of my life I went to school.
The second half of my life I got an education. Mark Twain


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Are Other People Pushing Your Buttons?

We’ve all been there. Someone makes a random comment, and it drives you right up the wall. Whenever something impacts us in such a deep way, it’s usually because we have that same belief or fear on some level. And when it gets verbalized, it gets...

Are You Playing Too Small In Your Life?

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small,” says Sir Richard Branson. You may be thinking about a career change.  Or whether to stay in a relationship or not. And then there are the smaller, yet emotionally draining, things – whether to...

Say what you mean — Mean what you say

It sounds so simple.  Just say what’s on your mind.  Then why is it so hard? It may well depend on how you’re “wired” – and whether you’re a bulldozer or a sugarcoater. Some of you are very quick to speak  – bulldozing your way through...

Would You Like to Be Ten Percent Better?

Let’s face it.  When you set out to make a change in your life, I’ll bet you aim for a higher success rate than ten percent. That’s the thing, though.  Lots of times we set ourselves up for failure by trying to make wholesale changes. “If you’re...

Resentment – A One Minute Video

Do you have one of those situations in your family where there’s a “freeze out?”  And everyone is tip-toeing around it? Or maybe you’re involved in an office conflict or with a group of friends who are bickering....

Here are my two latest books!

Teach People How To Treat You

Improving Relationships and Communication

If you find yourself in stressful relationships, this book provides healthy ways to bring your life into balance.  Learn how to deal with power struggles, emotional hunger and tough love.  Set healthy boundaries – once and for all!

“Live Life Fully – Each and Every Day”

Push Your Own Buttons

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you’re tired of other people pushing your buttons, this book holds some keys.  Learn how to deal with approval addiction, mood swings, the sense of being overwhelmed and that nagging feeling that something’s missing in your life.  Stop walking on eggshells!

Linda Arnold, M.A., M.B.A.

Linda is an author, speaker and syndicated columnist. Additionally, she's a psychological counselor, certified wellness instructor and the Founder and former CEO of a multi-state marketing company.

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