How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety










If you’re tired of other people pushing your buttons, this book may hold some keys for you.  Push Your Own Buttons: Reducing Stress and Anxiety provides solutions to everyday life challenges that drain your energy.

As part of the “Live Life Fully” series of books, Push Your Own Buttons examines a different situation in each chapter and shares tools for dealing with such diverse topics as walking on eggshells, craving approval from those around you, holding onto judgments, secrets that diminish your life force — and the difficulty of living in the present moment.

You’ll also find recommendations for dealing with your emotional hunger, mood swings, sense of being overwhelmed and the nagging feeling that there’s something missing in your life.

Professional tips for handling life’s stressors are peppered throughout the book.  Once these techniques are employed and blocks are resolved, readers can be on their way toward greater self-fulfillment.  For more information on companion books in the “Live Life Fully” series, go to or